ISP Pro Audio

Mix Master Live

Master Mix Live offers students a very unique semi-private engineering education to acquire skillful use of today’s audio gear, plus, confident hands-on console mastery to qualify as an A1, or, A2, proficient Live Audio Engineer in 20 weeks.

Master Mix Live tailors their instruction, and training to focus expressly, and specifically on a Live Audio Engineering and Mixing Education. Master Mix Live’s 5 month, 240 hour, hands-on, extreme, Live Audio Engineering program was uniquely modeled to teach, train and prepare up and coming audio engineers for live, practical, knowledge, understanding, and use of today’s cutting-edge audio gear.

Successful students earn a MASTER MIX LIVE™ Certificate of Completion with school endorsement.

If you are interested in a career as a; Front of House Live Audio Engineer, Broadcast (TV or, Radio) Live Sound Engineer, Monitor Engineer, Systems Engineer, or in the field working as a Live Audio Engineer + Mixer our program is detailed to Live Sound Engineering.

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