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ISP CEO Buck Waller Shares His Knowledge at the GURUS Conference

The recent GURUS conference in Louisville, Kentucky was an absolutely amazing experience. ISP Technologies was invited to the conference, put on by Mankin Media, to show some of their new technology and CEO Buck Waller was asked to speak during one of the many seminars. Buck shared his extensive audio and acoustical knowledge with a room full of AVL (Audio, Visual, Lighting) professionals from the church community. The seminar, Sound System Principles and Acoustics, went extremely well and Chris Huff even mentioned this on his blog, Behind theMixer,

Stephen Roberts ofMankin Media and Buck Waller ofISP did a terrific job of explaining all the facets of room acousticsin a way that anyone could understand. The entire event was free to attend and every attendee left with aplethora of priceless information. Levi Watson, of Mankin Media also had this to say after the event, I wanted tosay a quick thank you for exhibiting in Louisville last week at Gurus East 2011. It was really great to hear you guysprovide some great sound to everyone who attended. I know your class with Stephen was a valuable success and a definite favorite among the attendees! It was great to regularly catch attendees with a sense of discovery and wonder as you showed them some of the remarkable features of your gear. Needless to say ISP is already looking forward to attending this amazing event again next year!