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FOH Engineer Rick Camp Teams With ISP Technologies

In the Summer of 2011, Rick Camp, FOH Engineer extraordinaire, had a chance to mix on the ISP Technologies rig that was installed for the season at Chene Park. Chene Park, a venue on Detroit’s riverfront that hosts various artists throughout the summer, had been outfitted with 20 HDL 4212 4-way line array boxes, 14 HDL 4210 4-way line array boxes, 18 XMAX 212’s double 12” subwoofers, 4 XMAX 218 double 18” subwoofers and 14 ProWedge 212 stage wedges.

Camp has had a star studded career as a sound engineer since he began in 1980, working with such artists as Earth, Wind & Fire, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Kelly Clarkson, Anita Baker, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, Mary J. Blige and Natalie Cole. Not having mixed on an ISP rig before, Rick was curious to see how it measured up. Rick was so impressed with ISP’s quality, clarity and midrange that after mixing at Chene Park, he had this to say, “ISP Technologies’ speakers have transformed Chene Park Amphitheatre in Detroit, MI. from one of the worst sounding venues in the country into the best sounding venue in the world!”

In 2012, Rick was ready to slow down a bit. While still touring with artists, he started the Master Mix Live School in Las Vegas to pass his experience and knowledge on to the next generation of sound engineers. Students enrolled at the school complete a 20 week program that covers everything from “live touring technologies” to “touring life and etiquette for live sound”. Because he was so impressed with ISP, Rick wanted to have ISP gear on hand to teach his students. Rick came to ISP in order to obtain a live sound rig for his students to train and learn with. Rick requested that ISP build him a rig consisting of 10 2208’s, 10 XMAX 218’s and 8 Prowedge 212’s. With over 35,000 RMS watts available from the system, Rick will have no problem simulating live concert situations for his students. ISP Technologies is proud to be associated with Rick Camp and the Master Mix Live School.

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