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ISP Technologies introduces the HDDS SM2110

With the introduction of the 2 way active SM2110, ISP’s High Definition Distributed System™ (HDDS) can now rival the output of conventional speaker systems. The HDDS is a complete system utilizing high quality, powered ceiling or wall mount speakers that can be linked via inexpensive Cat5 or Cat6 cable. Five models of speakers are available, the SB400 subwoofer, the CS 650 ceiling mount with plenum, CS 651 with back can, and two stand-alone wall mount versions, the SM 650 and SM2110. The heart of the HDDS is its Master Control Module which can power and control multiple zones and has the potential to connect up to 180 speakers all without the need for noise-adding 70 volt transformers. And because the speakers are self-powered and receive a line level signal, there is no need to install expensive power attenuators for remote control. The SM2110 is a 220 watt; self powered speaker that receives line level signal over dual Cat6 cables from a remote HDDS Master Control Module. The SM2110 is capable of an output of 122 peak dB over an operating frequency range of 42 Hz – 20 kHz with a nominal coverage angle of 80 degree horizontal x 70 degree vertical. Signal is pumped through a 10” cone speaker and a 1.3” titanium diaphragm compression driver with a 4th order LR high pass and low pass crossover and a switchable high pass filter of 40 Hz or 90 Hz for use with a HDDS SB400 subwoofer.

For more information on the HDDS SM2110, or any of the HDDS products, visit, email or call 248-673-7790.