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ISP’s Experience at WFX 2012


ISP’s Experience at WFX 2012

For the second year in a row, ISP Technologies had the privilege of attending the Worship Facilities Conference and Expo (WFX) and participated in the LiveSound Compact Loudspeaker Demo. ISP was joined in the Demo by Alcons Audio, QSC audio, Martin Audio, Outline, Bose Professional, Adamson Systems, WorxAudio, Danley Sound Labs, D.A.S. Audio, Electro-Voice, Renkus-Heinz, and L-Acoustics. The purpose of the demo was to give listeners the opportunity to hear the same music, played through each of the different systems, in order to listen to the variances in the sound.

HDL 2208 Hang

ISP brought a single hang of 8 HDL 2208 line array to the demo. These boxes get rave review for their ultra crisp clarity and smooth midrange. To round out the low end of the sound, ISP brought 2 XMAX 218 subwoofers. In addition to the demo rig, ISP also brought the all new HDDS speakers, the SM2110.
Everyone was impressed with the vocal clarity and the midrange of the HDL 2208 line array and they loved the tight, punchy bass response from the XMAX 218s. Everyone was equally impressed with the idea of using network cable for a distributed system and being able to get such impressive sound from the SM2110’s and the SB112’s. During the HDDS demonstration, some of the listeners even asked if the bass was coming from the XMAX 218’s!and the SB112. The SM2110 is a high performance, 2 way, 220 watt cabinet that packs BIG sound into a small package. The SM112 is a single 12” subwoofer that is designed to complement the SM2110 for distributed audio installations. Both boxes require only a single sun of CAT6 cable to provide both power and signal from the Master Control Module.

View during one of ISP Technologies’ demo sessions

Overall, the conference was an excellent experience. It was a lot of fun to be able to listen to the competition and to converse with other audio professionals. The best part was showing everyone what ISP Technologies has to offer, letting them hear the fidelity and clarity for themselves and making a believer out of everyone!

Check out the WFX Compact Loudspeaker Demo Website:. For more information on ISP Technologies, please visit or email