ISP Pro Audio

ISP Technologies Gets in Shape!


A new gym with a new sound concept is opening in Las Vegas. Decibel CrossFit, owned and operated by Terrell Newberry, is a 4800 square foot space that is equipped with not only the best work out gear, but also with an actual pro audio sound system.
Opening a gym with an outstanding sound system was important to Terrell. He decided to look for a great system because, as he said, “I love working out and listening to music so I wanted the gym to have an awesome sound system. The sound really makes the environment come alive and provide energy for workouts.” In researching other gyms, he was surprised to find that other gyms were not upping the acoustic bar, but using the same old tired cheap 2-way DJ speakers at the upper end of the gym systems, or even iPod docks at the lower end. He found most corporate/national chains had cheap in-wall and/or ceiling speakers playing dull music from the 90’s and those clients were using headphones because of it.
“I’ve always had good audio systems in the car/home/headphone so I know the huge difference quality equipment can make,” said Terrell, “so I wanted Decibel CrossFit to sound good and bring the dBs! “ ISP Technologies filled the bill with a system consisting of High Definition Monitors (HDM) 210’s and the XMAX 212 subwoofer. The HDM 210’s have excellent midrange response and crossover at approximately 750Hz to dual midrange phenolic diaphragm on a manifold for stunning midrange headroom and clarity. Combine this with an extended response, high sensitivity neodymium HF driver and you have incredible performance. The XMAX 212’s have incredible punch because of the amazing transient response due to the 12” woofer having less mass to move.
Terrell said, “Music makes the workout with our 3,200 watt ISP Technologies Pro Audio sound system, I’ll bet this is the best sounding CrossFit gym in the world! Thanks to Tom Hautka at who, not only sold me on ISP, but sold me the system!” To learn more about ISP Technologies, visit, to learn more about sound with Sounddoc, visit and to check out Decibel CrossFit, visit