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J-Lo Rehearses with ISP Technologies


J-Lo Rehearses with ISP Technologies

Front of House engineer, Rick Camp, recently mastered the rehearsals for Jennifer Lopez’s London show on an ISP Technologies High Definition 4212 Line Array rig. He requested the gear to use for the rehearsals in Los Angeles after having mixed on the system at Chene Park in Detroit. He liked the gear so much at the Chene Park gig that he also decided to use it in his new school, Master Mix Live, a live only audio school for aspiring engineers that he is currently working on opening this winter.


Rick said, “Because of the attention to the mid-range that ISP gear has, the music can be at the highest SPL level, but the vocal clarity is always right out front. I love to mix on these ISP rigs because I don’t have to tweak anything very much. I thought the Jennifer Lopez rehearsal would be a great opportunity to use the gear again in a high energy, demanding environment. I wasn’t disappointed, the gear sounded great and the mix translated perfectly to the rig used at the London- “Party in the Park” show, which included such artist as The Rolling stones and Lionel Richie.”

The ISP rig consisted of 3 per side of the HDL 4212’s, the only patented true four way speaker on the market, paired with the XMAX 218 subwoofers. ISP Technologies CEO Buck Waller had the chance to join Rick during the rehearsals. “It was amazing to watch and listen to Rick mix. He is an amazing FOH engineer.”

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