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Buffalo Wild Wings Installs ISP Technologies

Buffalo Wild WingsISP Technologies, a designer and manufacturer of patented pro audio and High Definition Distributed SystemsTM, has recently had their proprietary gear installed in several Buffalo Wild Wings by SVT, a national audio and video integrator. The franchised owned stores needed new systems that would provide the best possible audio when the restaurants had their biggest crowds. One of the biggest complaints was that, as the crowd got louder, the patrons couldn’t clearly hear what was happening on the video screens.

The ISP High Definition Distributed System(HDDS) products, which are patent pending and run both power and audio down the same CAT5/6 wire, power each speaker with its own amplifier and actually gives the speakers fidelity, not a word usually used to describe distributed gear. The Master Control can handle up to 6 zones with up to 10 speakers on each run, with 3 runs per zone and these can, in turn, be controlled with Remote Controls in the separate zones that can also be used with iPads. ISP also developed the proprietary Vocal Intelligibility ProcessorTM(VIP). The VIP was developed to enhance vocal clarity for sound systems in difficult listening environments, like night clubs, restaurants, sports bars and any other venue where enhanced intelligibility is desirable. The VIPTM is designed with two independent audio channels and can be either automatically switched based on the selected audio or can be remotely switched. The VIPTM was designed to enhance the front end of an ISP Technologies HDDS High Definition Distributed Sound SystemTM adding even better vocal clarity and intelligibility to an already stunning distributed audio delivery system.

“Buffalo Wild Wings came to us looking for a fix to the ambient noise levels that mask the actual games on the T.V.s. Between the over whelming noise in general, and poor speakers that had previously been installed, they needed to upgrade the existing systems,” explained SVT’s Scott Dojos, “With the new Vocal Intelligibility Processor, we have filled that demand.”

Each system, all made in the USA, typically included 22 HDDS SM800 surface mount speakers, 2 HDDS SB112 subwoofers, 2 HDDS Master Controller, 13 HDDS CS651 non-plenum ceiling speakers, 10 HDDS SM652B indoor and outdoor surface mount speakers, at least 3 of the HDDS RM22i remote controllers with active remote control zone iPod/iPad interface, and the VIP. The gear can easily be adapted to larger or smaller venues by adding or subtracting gear to meet the specific needs of the venue. With this combination, the restaurants improved the overall sound and with the VIP adding dynamic articulation enhancement the ISP systems have greatly increased the viewing and listening experience at the Buffalo Wild Wings. For more information on the High Definition Distributed Systems, the VIP or any pro audio gear, please visit