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ISP Technologies Goes to Gardner-Webb University

Gardner Webb university - ISP Pro Audio ISP Technologies was proud to be a part of the official grand opening on August 28th of the Tucker Student Center at Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, North Carolina. Gardner-Webb University, founded as a boarding high school in 1903, has grown into a well known regional school with more than 55 major and minor programs and an academic experience that flows from their Christian commitment to intellectual freedom, service and leadership. To this end, the University, ever committed to the needs of its students, had The Tucker Student Center designed.

The 110,000 square foot, 30 million dollar, state of the art facility has already become a popular student destination. It includes common areas, dining options, a movie theatre, 3 story climbing wall, the campus book store, as well as faculty and department offices. The architecture features skylight ceilings, glass walls, open staircases, and fresh-air balconies on every level with stunning views of the Lake Hollifield Complex

When the new student center project went out to bid, A Sound Experience’s President, Preston Hinson, was quick to act. Founded in 1998 by Preston Hinson as an audio, video, theatrical lighting, and media consulting firm, A Sound Experience (ASE Service Group Inc.), quickly expanded into a full service design, installation, and integration company encompassing all aspects of production and media technologies. Because ASE’s mission has been to provide each client with the most current technologies available, Preston knew he would be bidding ISP Technologies for both the distributed sound system and the professional sound reinforcement systems needed in various areas of the building.

Gardner Webb university 2 - ISP Pro AudioOf the ISP Technologies patent pending High Definition Distributed System™(HDDS) , the world’s only high fidelity, low cost, self powered, easy to install, expandable distributed system, Preston had this to say, “The HDDS system, featuring the 10″ driver, that was utilized in a recent 7.2 application exceeds any THX certified system I have heard. The ability to have a high output speaker that can be deployed with only two pulls of Cat6 is an amazing labor and overall cost saver. This will revolutionize the way we design the small format pro audio system. The new HDDS system from ISP is the new contractor go to cabinet. When comparing cost and quality of the HDDS system to a traditional 70v distribution system, in both categories, the ISP HDDS system wins hands down for building distributed audio.”

In the Tucker Student Center, there are 16 HDDS SM650 wall mount speakers featuring a 3 way design with 30 watts RMS, 4 of the all new, high performance HDDS SM 2110’s, a 2 way cabinet with a 10” woofer and 220 watts of RMS power, two HDDS CS650 plenum rated 30 watts RMS, and an HDDS RM 22i remote level control with an auxiliary input jack. At the heart of the system is the HDDS Master Control module which controls speakers across 8 separate zones that are individually adjustable or linkable. All speakers are self powered and only require that a CAT5 or CAT6 cable be connected to provide both signal and power. ASE also wanted to do something special with a jukebox and called ISP to see if it were possible. With a custom wire job, ASE was able to use the RM 22i to send the same audio signal to a custom jukebox so it could play the same music that was playing over the main system. A first for both companies with great results!

The ISP Pro Audio gear included seven of the High Definition Line Array™ HDL 3112’s which are a 3 way Line Array cabinet with 800 Watts RMS, three XMAX 212 double 12 subwoofers with 1000 watts RMS, eight High Definition Monitor (HDM) 210 3-way monitors with dual 10” woofers and 900 watts RMS, two HDM 112 3-way monitors with 500 watts RMS, two XMAX 118 single 18 subwoofer, one SA 118 single 18 subwoofer, one SP 118 single 18 passive subwoofer, and one LT1 3-way cabinet. All cabinets are powered and utilize the built in patented ISP DCAT™ power amp technology.

To round out the high tech project, ASE Service group also installed the Yamaha CL5 Mixer, Rio stage box and the Symetrix Edge frames. The Yamaha CL5 with the Rio Stage box is one of the first to be deployed in the United States. It is a Danta native digital console that offers nearly endless configuration options. It was paired with the Danta enabled Edge system from Symetrix which makes input, output, and single management design limitless.

The grand opening event attracted close to a thousand guests who were all eager to see the new centerpiece of the campus. “…We are excited to see campus life enhanced and transformed by the hard work of so many GWU staff, like President Bonner, and faithful donors, like the Tucker family”, said Joseph Hamby, the building manager for the Tucker Student Center. The building is an amazing addition to Gardner-Webb University and will be enjoyed for years to come. To see this venue, follow this like–9VA. To learn more about ASE visit and to learn more about ISP Technologies visit

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