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ISP Technologies Pigs Out!


ISP Technologies Pigs Out!

Hot off the Coals EastonRic Brice, owner of Hot Off The Coals, a popular barbeque spot in Queen Anne, MD, has expanded to a second location in Easton. Serving a growing customer base, Ric decided to also upgrade his sound system and contacted Dic Gleason, owner of Earfull of Sound in Queen Anne, MD.

Having had extensive experience with ISP Technologies, Dic decided to use an ISP Technologies High Definition Distributed System™. The patented HDDS (High Definition Distributed System) gear puts 70volt distributed gear to shame. The gear runs down CAT5 or CAT6 cable for both audio and power and each speaker is powered with its own amplifier which actually gives the speakers fidelity…not a word usually used to describe distributed gear. The HDDS Master Control can handle up to 6 zones with up to 10 speakers on each run, and these can, in turn, be controlled with Remote Controls in the separate zones that can also be used with iPods.

The system consists of the Master Control, 8 HDDS CS651 Ceiling speakers and 4 HDDS SM650 wall mount speakers covering 5 zones: Kitchen, counter area, dining room, outside entry and outside front. The outside front is the loudest area and also covers the BBQ Cooker and projects out into the street. Says Ric Brice, “I really like the clear crisp sound and the volume control I have for each zone.” Dic Gleason follows up with his own comments on the ease of installation and how easy it is to control the sound level in each space. “Trying to get great sound for a good friend and great cook meant I needed the best for this new location. The ease of installation and flexibility will allow the system to grow as the restaurant grows. Using the ISP HDDS system allows you to install quickly saving time and money for both the installer and the customer. It lets the installer and customer identify locations for speakers and do the install during off peak hours and in only a few days. Complete system install took less than 8 hours with only 2 people. Being able to easily control the volume in the different areas of the restaurant means it’s never too loud for the customers. Since the success of the Hot Off the Coals install other local businesses have been asking for their own ISP HDDS systems in other businesses.”

All ISP Technologies Pro Audio gear is manufactured in the USA. For more information on the HDDS gear or any ISP Pro Audio product, please visit