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SECU Arena Gets Line Array Solution

SECU ArenaSECU Arena is Towson University’s new 5,200-seat state-of-the-art athletics and entertainment venue in Towson, MD. Although primarily for sports, the multi-purpose venue is also designed to host concerts, meetings, commencement ceremonies and conventions. Key to the success of the new venue was the sound system, which had to provide both high-SPL, full-response reproduction for music events, as well as excellent detail and articulation to maximize intelligibility in the large space.

Frank Rankin, Towson’s production manager for event and conference services technical operations spec’ed the SECU Arena system. The all-ISP Technologies rig consists of 32 High Definition 4210 line arrays, four XMAX212T subwoofers and two High Definition 2208 custom designed line arrays, with the latter functioning as downfills, providing audio directly onto the court.

“It’s only a 5,200 seat venue, but it sounds intimate,” says Rankin. “The 4210 is a dedicated four-way line array box and the intelligibility and midrange is better than anything else I’ve heard — it’s absolutely smooth. I’ve been in a lot of arenas along the East Coast, and the audio quality in most of them has been lacking, to say the least. People today really expect great audio quality and the reaction to our system has been overwhelmingly positive.” Rankin was also impressed by the self-powered system’s low AC draw. “I can run the entire system on two 20-amp circuits. It’s very eco-friendly.”

SECU Arena Line ArraySupplementing the main system, is a comprehensive distributed sound system (also with ISP components) consisting of 103 HDDS CS650P plenum-rated ceiling speakers, three BRC1’s, three HDDS SB112 subs, 10 HDDS CS651 non-plenum ceiling speakers and three HDDS master controls that can supply independent zones within the system.

The main system design/installation was handled by Tampa-based AVI-SPL, with the distribution system by Baltimore’s Nelson White Systems. Atlanta Rigging Systems hung the arena system and supplied hoist motors and motor control systems.

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