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HDDS Audio Products for NAMM 2015

ISP Technologies has built a reputation as a company with a passion for innovation driven by perfection in sound. With over 30 patents in the audio field, ISP designs and manufactures guitar signal processing, professional audio equipment, and novel High Definition Distributed™ audio products.

The ISP patented HDDS™ (High Definition Distributed System) gear puts the 70volt distributed gear to shame. The key difference in our HDDS™ gear is sound quality. Our HDDS gear runs down CAT5 or CAT6 cable for both audio and power and each speaker is powered with its own amplifier which actually gives the speakers fidelity…not a word usually used to describe distributed gear. We also have a Master Control that can handle up to 6 zones with up to 10 speakers on each run, and these can, in turn, be controlled with Remote Controls in the separate zones that can also be used with iPods. Another product that is used with the HDDS gear, is the patented VIP™ (Vocal Intelligibility Processor), which was developed to enhance vocal clarity for sound systems in difficult listening environments like night clubs, restaurants, and any other venue where enhanced intelligibility is desirable. Manufactured and designed in the USA. For more information on the High Definition Distributed System, the Vocal Intelligibility Processor, or any ISP Technologies Pro Audio product, please visit or contact

“The HDDS system, featuring the 10″ driver, that was utilized in a recent 7.2 application exceeds any THX certified system I have heard. The ability to have a high output speaker that can be deployed with only two pulls of Cat6 is an amazing labor and overall cost saver. This will revolutionize the way we design the small format pro audio system. The new HDDS system from ISP is the new contractor go to cabinet. When comparing cost and quality of the HDDS system to a traditional 70v distribution system, in both categories, the ISP HDDS system wins hands down for building distributed audio.”
-Preston Hinson, A Sound Experience

“Buffalo Wild Wings came to us looking for a fix to the ambient noise levels that mask the actual games on the T.V.s. Between the overwhelming noise in general, and poor speakers that had previously been installed, they needed to upgrade the existing systems. With the new Vocal Intelligibility Processor, we have filled that demand.”
-Scott Dojos, SVT

“Having been an audio engineer for over 36 years I’ve witnessed first the evolution of the sound reinforcement and distributed audio industries and the manufacturers that supply it, so I know what I like, and I spent over a year researching and auditioning products from every major manufacturer. When it came down to making the final purchase, ISP won hands down!”
– Frank Rankin, Towson University

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