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ISP Technologies Has a New Dealer in Korea

kakaotalk_20160704_104929770KmTech team has been working with the latest audio products since 2009. With decades of audio engineering experience, we became the best Pro audio solution company that imports and distributes best products in Korea.

KmTech provides high-quality products fit into the field, and introduces the latest professional products to the customers. KmTech engineers maintain close relations on the fields, and they are very experienced. We have worked with them for a long time. It is one of merits for the product promotions

KmTech supports the innovated technology and the goods with the excellent design, and tries to attend the international music conference such as NAB show and Frankfurt Music Show.

KmTech has supplied the lots of the newest professional audios to the major broadcasting companies such as KBS and MBC, the concert halls, churches, and hotels. KmTech always tries to maintain good relations with them by supplying more convenient and better instruments.