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Rascals, a unique combination of steakhouse and live music venue, which began construction last year in the upscale Crossgates Mall, is finally open for business. After many revisions, to provide the best dining and entertainment venue, Rascals Steakhouse has opened to much fanfare.

Philip Lama, along with his wife Linda and partners Chris and Melissa O’Reilly, are excited to bring the $4 million dollar investment into fruition. Philip, who has been in the hotel and restaurant business for over 35 years, had the idea to create both a fine dining experience and a high end performance venue under one roof.” What could be better than to be able to enjoy a delicious dinner while waiting for a show in a venue that competes with Vegas showrooms?” asked Phil, “Not only is The Stage equipped with concert level Pro Audio Gear, but the entire space is outfitted for sound.”

Rascals 2To bring his ideas to life, Philip enlisted the help of ISP Technologies, LLC, a company that he had dealt with before on previous ventures, to design a system for the entire venue. Knowing Phil wanted a true “experience” and not just “sound” for the 16,000 square foot venue, CEO of ISP, James (Buck) Waller, designed a system that would compete with the best professional performance venues on a national level.

The 20,000 Watt RMS Front of House System consists of 4 XMAX 218™ Subwoofers, built into special concrete bunkers under the stage and two stereo hangs of the HDL 3112™ High Definitions 3 Way Line Arrays with an HDL 118™ High Definition Subwoofer at the top of the hang. A full stage complement of 6 Prowedge 212™ concert series floor wedges are also on the The Stage. To complete the top end look for The Stage, Preston Hinson of ASE, the Integrator of choice on this project, also installed an Aeson P4.81 Indoor Die Cast Aluminum LED Screen 18.04’ x 9.84’ video wall. For control of the entire system, Preston also used a Midas Mixer, Sysmetrix Prism Processor, a HedgeHog4 Lighting Console and a Navistar NovaPro HD Video Engine. The result is a stunning stage that any national acts will be at home performing on.

To give the rest of the restaurant and bar areas an actual high fidelity sound experience, Buck designed in ISP Technologies patented High Definition Distributed Systems™ (HDDS™) gear. The key difference in the HDDS™ gear is sound quality. The HDDS gear runs both audio and power down a single run of CAT6 and each speaker is powered with its own amplifier which actually gives the speakers fidelity, unlike the 70Volt systems typically used. Running the system are the HDDS Master Controls that can handle up to 6 zones with up to 10 speakers on each run. The system was designed to be installed in stereo, so any seat in the venue will have the ultimate listening experience. A combination of the HDDS SB112 subwoofers, SM800, SM 652, CS651 and HDDS Pendent Speakers were installed throughout the restaurant.

Rascals 3Not only will Rascals Steakhouse provide outstanding ambience, but by utilizing the Farm2Table concept, and using only fresh local ingredients, the dining experience will be a truly memorable and delicious one. In keeping with the “local” theme, it is of note that ISP Technologies is also a company that manufactures their gear in the USA. The combination of top of the line cocktails, food, service and a world class sound system, will make Rascals Steakhouse an overall experience not to be forgotten.

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